Benjamin Lallemand

Grand E-nov +

PhD in biology, I chose to concretize my studies by managing a research project to characterize a plant polymer protecting the pollen: sporopollenine.

Also trained in technology watch and intellectual property, I have a good overview of Research, Developpement and Innovation management.

My ambition is to bring my know-how and my skills to the development of ambitious innovative companies and projects.

Involved and adaptable, I turned to consulting and currently put my skills at the service of French companies to support the elaboration of innovation strategies and financing solutions.

My motto: Always stay tuned and learn from others but also from the world around us ..

10.30 – 11.30 - Hall Island (B+C+D)

Thursday Day 1

Panel 1 - Strengthening the Circularity with Innovation Processes

Practices and experiences on circular economy in the Alpine Space (AS) from the Circular4.0 piloting phase.

- Lessons learned from circular & digital processes planned and/or implemented by SMEs with the piloting phase (success cases – highlighting issues to be solved; approached method; solutions identified).

- Set of recommendations from the evaluation of the pilots coming by the evaluation process

Moderator: Ram Dušić Hren