Joao Pita Costa

UNESCO AI Research Institute (IRCAI)

Innovation + R&D at the UNESCO AI Research Institute (IRCAI), Innovation Management + Business Intelligence at XLAB & ISL

I'm a Mathematics and Computer Science graduate from the University of Lisboa where I've been recently doing my master's studies on Algebra and Logic. I've been envolved on many different areas, from Education to Computer Science, having workshops for highschool professores on the lifelong professional learning system, graduated Multimedia students on the Technology and Communication School of Lisboa and working on database systems as the Moodle Platform. I'm recently working on a web-based awareness project for the epidemic of flu, in the Science Institute of Gulbenkian.

10:35 - 11:15 - Hall Bled (A)

Thursday Day 1

Discussion panel - Tech for Climate

Moderator: Miroslav Polzer, GloCha