Jurij Giacomelli

Giacomelli Media

Founder and Managing Director of Giacomelli Media Ltd, Founder of CBA and partnering with META Group

Jurij Giacomelli (born in 1970) is the founder of Giacomelli Media Management and Consulting Ltd. (Gm), a management consultancy specialised in corporate strategy, business model transformations and strategic communications, with a particular weight on sustainable business models, circular economy, innovation ecosystems, media industry and design management. Gm (www.giacomellimedia.com) also acts as a co-investor and developer of innovative startups. as a business partner of Meta Group Jurij acts as the investment manager of Meta Ingenium, a venture capital fund in Slovenia.
He is motivated to lead and manage change, manage growth and business development through people, especially creative individuals. He has a proven track record in media and publishing, managing transformations, and innovation, strategic communication and design.

He earned strong experience in general management predominantly in publishing and media industry as well as in several senior positions in financial industry and design management. He holds specific managerial skills such as corporate financial management and sales management.

His key competencies are: strategy, media and publishing, journalism, corporate communications, design management and service design, innovation, leadership, change- and transformation management, corporate governance; sales management, marketing management and financial management; he thrives on cultural flexibility and cross-industry experience.

10.30 – 11.30 - Hall Island (B+C+D)

Thursday Day 1

Panel 1 - Strengthening the Circularity with Innovation Processes

Practices and experiences on circular economy in the Alpine Space (AS) from the Circular4.0 piloting phase.

- Lessons learned from circular & digital processes planned and/or implemented by SMEs with the piloting phase (success cases – highlighting issues to be solved; approached method; solutions identified).

- Set of recommendations from the evaluation of the pilots coming by the evaluation process

Moderator: Ram Dušić Hren