Miha Hrovat


Founder & Project Manager at Treecelet. Creating the world a better place through entrepreneurship by planting trees.


I am Miha Hrovat, a 28-year-old Slovenian, a co-founder and manager of a tree-planting project called Treecelet. I believe entrepreneurs are superheroes of today's world. My mission is to maximize the positive impact on nature, animals, and people through entrepreneurship.

I have two great passions: firstly, making the world a better place, and secondly, entrepreneurship. Since I was a kid, I have been looking for ways to impact our planet positively. In addition, I was intrigued by morals and ethics so much that I studied philosophy and successfully finished my degree in 2017.

That was the time when I started taking serious steps into entrepreneurship. That step was inevitable since my family has lived with entrepreneurship for the last 60 years. Treecelet connected everything I am:

• A compassionate individual who wants to help.
• A competitive sportsman.
• An ambitious young man with an entrepreneurial mind.