Rok Bozic

Helping web3 companies scale through top talent & services │ Marketing & advisory │ Crypto, NFTs, Play2Earn & DeFi
Talks about #nft, #defi, #web3, #crypto, and #blockchain

Bough $30 of some erc20 token in 2017 & the rest is history. Fell down the rabbit hole of web3 and started my own marketing agency, which I transformed into an HR & consulting agency in 2022.

I love working with all kinds of web3 startups & my past clients range from DeFi platforms to NFT projects and a few years back even meme tokens (so I know a marketing trick or two).

What value can I provide?

👥 Discord community for web3 talent and companies
I created a Discord community for web3 builders - from talent looking for work to companies looking to hire. We are striving to build a platform for people to connect, share ideas and build a better future together. Currently, we have 100 members and are growing quickly. This is what gives me access to a pool of top web3 talent. A great resource for any web3 company that needs to fill a position or is looking for a contractor.

👨‍💻 Web3 consulting
With 4+ years of experience in web3, my deep understanding of the market & its behavior will give you an unfair edge over your competition. I have a very different approach to consulting than other web3 or tech consulting agencies, since my work is result-oriented. I cover everything from marketing startegy to web3 specific tips, and I also include exact action steps for your team to follow. If that's not enough, I also do hands-on work where I guide or mentor your team to reach KPIs faster, properly analyze different metrics & scale your web3 startup.

🌐 My network
Throughout the years I was able to amass a great number of connections that I am able to leverage for growth, fundraising, development & a lot more. With consulting you also get direct access to my network, whenever you need it - I am here to help you conquer the web3 space and sweep your competition.

👨‍🏫 Personal brand
In 2022 I also started my LinkedIn page and Twitter, where I regularly talk just about anything web3-related, from tips and tricks to my web3 experiences. Everyone is able to follow and join me on this journey, to build a better future together.

If you want to work with me or my agency you can book a call directly through www.web3connected or shoot me a message here on LinkedIn. I also love meeting new people and discussing anything web3-related so if you have something on your mind - message me!