Rudi Medved

Web3 Travel

Web3 x Travel | Writer at Qvrse.io | Co-Founder at FromZero Alliance | Fairbnb.coop

Right now I’m focused on building a community of people who travel and build Web3 native travel services together - Web3 Travelers.

Besides that, I design and organize work & leisure experiences in the travel & culture sector and I help students of tourism gain practical experience while discovering new educational models.

Previously, I co-founded a startup - a marketplace for local experiences - called LocalsFromZero, which we merged with Fairbnb.coop. Since the start, I’ve been focusing on building community-based tourism combined with meaningful experiences. I’m passionate about DAOs as the future of work and community organization.

15:35 - 16:15 - Hall Bled (A)

Thursday Day 1

Discussion panel - How Will We Travel in the Future? - Blockchain & NFTs in Tourism