Vid Keršič

Blockchain Lab:UM

R&D Engineer | Blockchain Lab:UM | EBSI Technical Architect | Blockchain, SSI, (DE)AI, web3

Technology enthusiast describes me pretty well.

I am an R&D Engineer at the University of Maribor (Blockchain Lab:UM). Currently, I am working as a Technical Architect for EBSI (European Blockchain Services Infrastructure), and I am dedicated to bringing it to production. I am also finishing my master's degree in Computer Science in machine learning (AI) and graph neural networks (GNNs). I am very interested in the following fields: blockchain and DLTs, data privacy and cryptography, web3, self-sovereign identity (SSI), (decentralized) artificial intelligence (DEAI), and machine learning (lately primarily working on graph data and GNNs).

I am very passionate about the fields I am working in and am genuinely excited about how the future will unfold. I am looking forward to seeing how the convergence of blockchain, web3, AI, IoT, VR, AR, and other emerging technologies (I guess we are naming that metaverse :) ) will change the world - physical and digital!