Could you imagine

 Could you imagine

Could you imagine holding a conference in the hall where the world famous Bled Strategic Forum is held?

The Bled festival hall is located at the heart of Bled, one of the most attractive green alpine centers, which delights tourists with unique natural, cultural, historical, sports and culinary experiences in every season. 

Bled is the image of paradise, a marvel of global proportions at the edge of Triglav National Park. It was nominated as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. It is characterized by a mild, healing climate and thermal springs of lake water.

Imagine the opening gala dinner in a 1000-year-old fairy-tale castle

Dramatically perched on a steep cliff above an emerald lake, there’s something fairy-tale-like about Bled castle. With a history dating back 1,000 years it invites visitors to explore its museum collections and enjoy a range of activities closely related to the castle’s traditions.

On top of a cliff that rises 130 meters above Lake Bled, the castle rewards visitors with breathtaking views from its courtyard. Be impressed by the view of Bled, the lake and its island. If you visit the island by boat, it is the highlight of any excursion. Lake Bled, together with the Bled Castle on the cliff, is one of the most beautiful alpine resorts in Europe.

We will enjoy an excellent gala dinner of the Jezeršek catering company, which is an innovative, sustainable company, a leader in the field of catering and hospitality activities in Slovenia and among the 10 best organizers and catering providers in Europe.

Imagine one of the best parties in the heart of one of the most beautiful places in the world

Networking and relaxation to follow an interesting conference, lectures and workshops to take place in the best clubs of this popular destination. Socializing with VIP guests and having fun with dance music will prepare us for the new challenges ahead.

We are very excited to be able to host the WORLD FUTURE VERSE conference in such a wonderful location as is Bled.

Therefore, in addition to organizing the conference itself, we will make a special effort to offer you various accompanying events during your stay in Bled. In addition to lectures and workshops, panel discussions and round tables, there will also be hands-on activities and structured networking events, carefully selected to make the most of the conference.

Attending the event in person is definitely an opportunity to connect with like-minded speakers, experts and creators. So why wait? Join us in Bled – the Slovenian paradise!

Metaverse Theatre

Metaverse Theatre will enchant conference attendees with a fusion of open space for developing potential, digital skills and learning about the most advanced technologies. The creators will invite the audience into a virtual time machine and together we will travel to the near future. Through the presentation of new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, they will learn about concepts and modern trends such as the Metaverse, NFTs and Blockchain in an arbitrary scientific way. At the same time, through various simulations, participants are playfully encouraged to reflect on the meaning of technology, the pitfalls and purpose of its use, humanism, and discovering the best version of themselves by choosing different avatars.

The main goal of the Metaverse Theatre is therefore to create an understanding that technology is but a tool that represents an opportunity for the creation and development of new worlds, paradigms of life, relationships, creativity, economics, and above all, understandings of community, humanity, and nature.

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